Deep down I think we all should be farmers, at least for some part of our lives. So many jobs in our economy, including most of the ones I’ve had, shouldn’t really exist in a society that made sense. They’re making or selling stuff that no one needs, or facilitating the exploitation of workers and the earth for the benefit of the few, or distracting us from all that. But farming is honest work. It’s hard, physical work, and it produces food, which is essential for our survival and, done well, enhances our lives and our health.

Farmers have a different relationship to the earth than most of us. Living and working so closely with the land and being directly dependent on the soil and the weather and the climate and cycles of seasons and cycles of life and death, makes them more connected to the earth and, so to speak, more grounded in their lives.

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Chicken Nick, Sugarmomma's Maple Farm
Chicken Feathers, Brookford Farm
Mobile Chicken Coop, Wingate Farm
Apple Ladder, Apple Annie Orchard
Apple Harvest, Apple Annie Orchard
Warrell Demonstrates the Cider Press, Barker's Farm
North Country Hard Cider
Our Own Fresh Cranberries
Andre Cantelmo, Heron Pond Farm
Bok Choy, Heron Pond Farm
Jean and the Birds, Meadow’s Mirth Farm
Joel Miller, The Wild Miller Gardens
A Bird In Hand, The Wild Miller Gardens
Barn Light, Brookford Farm
Collecting Eggs, Brookford Farm
Milking the Cow, Moor Farm
Frank Harrison, Harrison's Poultry
Tim Rocha, Kellie Brook Farm
Pig Snout, Kellie Brook Farm
The Smallest Pig, Brookford Farm
Morning Fog, Riverslea Farm
Jeff Conrad, Riverslea Farm
Sheep in the Barn, Riverslea Farm
Luke Mahoney, Brookford Farm
Milk Jugs, Blaisdell Bros. Farm
Chuck Cox, Tuckaway Farm
The Cheese Cave, Hickory Nut Farm
Donna-Lee Woods, Hickory Nut Farm
Charlie Pratt, Apple Annie
Tractor, Riverside Farm
Riverside Farm Radishes
Beet Greens, Winter Farmer's Market
Picking Cukes, Barker's Farm
Washing Carrots, Meadow's Mirth Farm
Hugh Simpson, Apple Hill Farm
Professional forager Jenna Rozelle
Professional forager Jenna Rozelle
Professional forager Jenna Rozelle
Olivia Pettengill, Wingate Farm
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