Hackmatack Bison Farm

I had the opportunity to photograph Conor and Shelby Guptill of Hackmatack Farm, a bison (aka buffalo) farm in Berwick, ME. My goal was to get behind the public face of a farm brand, to capture the love and care they put into the food they produce, and create honest, organic lifestyle images.

The land has been in the Guptill family since the mid-1600’s. Conor started the farm as a passion project with a childhood friend; Shelby joined the farm when they got married.

In contrast with industrial cattle ranches, Hackmatack Farm follows regenerative land use practices, balancing the herd size with the capacity of the land and rotating pastures, which builds up the soil health, improves water retention, and – most importantly – means the farm actually removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it produces through greenhouse gas emissions, helping to reverse climate change.

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