Fox Point Oysters

I’m passionate about local farms, and I’ve photographed a lot of them. This time, I turned my lens on a different kind of farm: a farm in the ocean! Fox Point Oysters is a small oyster farm in New Hampshire’s Great Bay, a tidal estuary that flows into the Atlantic Ocean via the Piscataqua River. Oysters are the ecological linchpin of the estuary, improving water quality and providing essential fish habitat, which makes oyster farming one of the most beneficial types of aquaculture.

Like wine grapes, oysters take on a distinct local flavor based on the characteristics of the place they are grown. In the Great Bay, the mix of tidal saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean and freshwater from the rivers that flow into the bay creates a unique flavor profile: a subtle brine, a hint of fruit, and a clean finish. Yum!

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